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Launched in 2022 by Shafiq Ur Rehman, an attempt to help the people by sharing knowledge and ideas.


ComputingPost is a vibrant, ever updated podium where knowledge is encountered, skills acquired and sharpened in depth and scope. Be it the confusing server configurations, the installation of software packages, networking, programming, cloud computing, VoIP systems, Security systems or engineering, ComputingPost has it all. As a recipe for your growth in IT and engineering skills, get all ingredients you require or need under one site.


As technology continues to burgeon, ever increasing in scope and complexity, it’s kinda difficult to diligently keep abreast with incessant developments being launched very often. ComputingPost was formed to cater for this plight, to assist the geeks, the IT enthusiasts and the engineers in their daily computing life. As a platform, a workshop and a learning store.


Today, ComputingPost has more than 4500 articles and, most importantly, lovely readers like you. We are registered in the United Kingdom with Haifa Shafiq managing the operations.


ComputingPost continues to invest in producing high-quality articles and tools to help people and businesses around the world.


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